Parents Sue NHS Trust Because Their Disabled Daughter Is Alive

Two parents who cannot be named but should be named and shamed, are suing an NHS trust in Oxford, because the hospital they used didn’t detect their daughter’s disability. The parents are so evil, that to avoid the extra financial costs of raising a disabled child, they would have had their daughter aborted if they knew it was going to be disabled. If one of the parents becomes severely disabled, I wonder if the other parent will refuse to care for the newly disabled parent unless somebody else meets the extra costs?

Good parents try their best to love and care for their children. If their children are disabled, they try to meet the extra costs of bringing up a disabled child. They may request support from relatives, friends, the public or service providers to meet those costs, but they accept financial responsibility for their children. They also believe that even though their children are disabled, they should still be allowed to live.

Aborting babies because they’re disabled isn’t illegal in the UK, but aborting babies because they’re girls is illegal. A health minister has revealed that statistics indicate that babies are being aborted because of their gender. The problem with banning abortions because the babies are disabled or girls, is that to get around the ban, all parents have to do is give a lawful reason for aborting their children. If abortion was illegal except when the pregnancy endangers the life of the pregnant woman, people wouldn’t be able to have their babies aborted because they’re disabled or girls.


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