The Learning Disabled Shouldn’t Be Forced To Have Abortions

The High Court has rejected a request by doctors, for permission to force a learning disabled woman to have an abortion. The doctors say that because of her sickle cell disease, there is a risk of the woman dying if her baby isn’t aborted. They argued that the woman’s learning disability meant she couldn’t make her own decision.

I believe abortions should only be carried out if the pregnancy poses a direct risk to the woman’s life. If doctors think that the pregnant woman’s life will be endangered if the pregnancy is continued, they should let the woman know. The woman should then decide whether she wants to have an abortion. The doctors should respect her decision, regardless of whether she chooses to have an abortion or risk her life by continuing her pregnancy.

Such a big decision would be difficult for women who didn’t have a learning disability to make. Choosing to have an abortion so she could live would be a good decision, because she would be able to do good things in the future, that she couldn’t do if she died. Choosing not to have an abortion may also be a good decision, because a risk isn’t a certainty. Not only may the woman live, but her baby may also live. If it doesn’t, she may still be able to have children in the future.

The woman in this case had a learning disability. Some may say that her learning disability is so severe that she cannot be a good mum. Even if she cannot look after her child, somebody may be kind enough to care for the child.

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