Growing Up Poor Because They’re Bad

Growing Up Poor is a documentary on BBC Three, The aim of which is clearly to make viewers feel sorry for “youngsters facing poverty”, and “surviving on less than £10 a day”.

Amber lives with her mum. Despite apparently being impoverished, this sixteen-year-old could afford to have a baby, have her bedroom decorated, and smoke cigarettes. Her mum accepts her smoking, even though she is sixteen years old and pregnant. Amber has applied for Income Support.

Bridie’s mum chose to spend money she could have spent on her child on drugs. She should have been jailed for the length of childhood for making that choice, but she obviously wasn’t. Bridie thinks being disciplined is the answer to her bad behaviour, and wants to join the army. Bridie is able to continue behaving badly, because the courts respond to her bad behaviour with soft justice.

I don’t feel sorry for chavs like Amber and Bridie. Any financial problems they have are the consequences they deserve for the bad decisions they have made. They have misused the money the state has given them, but the state continues to give them more money. Chavs like Amber and Bridie should be banned from ever receiving benefits again.

Instead of encouraging youngsters to feel sorry for chavs who are growing up poor because they’re bad, BBC Three should encourage youngsters to follow the examples of poor people who have appeared on Young Apprentice and similar programmes.

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