Blocking Pornographic Websites

Following a consultation, the government has rejected a proposal to get internet service providers to automatically block pornographic websites, unless customers want to be able to access them. That is an outrageous decision, but what is also is outrageous is how the decision was made.

Two questions needed to be answered. The first was whether children should be able to access pornographic websites. Surely every right-minded person would think children shouldn’t be able to access pornographic websites. The second question was whether internet service providers automatically blocking pornographic websites would make it more difficult for children to access them. The answer to that question is obviously yes.

The government’s decision to consult the public on this issue is a demonstration of the immorality of the politicians in the government. If the government consisted of moral people, the answers to those two questions would have led it to implement the proposal.

Internet service providers may argue that implementing the proposal would be too difficult, but I don’t think it would. An office for reporting such websites to be added to the list of blocked websites could be set up. There is already child protection software. There is also software gambling addicts can use to block gambling websites. Internet service providers can implement the proposal, but they don’t want to, because like the government, they are immoral.

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