The Police Have Money

Many police forces claim to be negatively affected by the cuts, but Surrey Police are so unaffected, that they can afford to write and send Christmas cards to criminals telling them not to reoffend over the festive period. If criminals are so likely to reoffend that the police consider it necessary to contact them before they commit more crimes, rather than being sent Christmas cards they should be sent to jail.

West Yorkshire Police are so unaffected by the cuts, that they can afford radio advertising and sponsorship. West Yorkshire Police seem to think however, that preventing burglary is the responsibility of law-abiding members of society. Law-abiding people shouldn’t have to implement additional measures to stop burglars burgling their homes. Burglars who are so dangerous that they may burgle the homes of people who don’t take the advice of West Yorkshire Police should be in jail.

There must be enough money for more prisons if police forces are spending money on Christmas cards for criminals and awareness campaigns warning the public about dangerous burglars.

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