Fewer Christians?

According to the census, a quarter of people aren’t religious, and the amount of Christians has gone down by over 12% despite Christians migrating to the UK from Africa and Eastern Europe. The religion that appears to have benefitted most from immigration is Islam. Islam may also have benefitted from black and white people converting to the religion. People are more aware of Islam than any other minority religion. Some people who aren’t religious claim more people would have identified as not religious had the question been worded differently. Some Christians say that some of the people who said they weren’t religious may have meant that they didn’t practice a religion, so they could be non-practicing Christians, the sort who only want anything to do with Christianity when there’s a funeral, a wedding or a christening.

I think some people who would have said they were Christian in 2001, said that they were not religious in 2011. They probably weren’t religious in 2001, but they put that they were Christian because that’s what they thought they were supposed to do, or that’s what they thought people in their lives would have expected them to put. Not being religious has become more acceptable over the last decade. Consequently, more people who aren’t religious are willing to admit that they aren’t religious. The issues of homosexual weddings and women bishops have increased coverage of Christianity, but in the coverage Anglicans are arguing for the Church of England not to follow God, but to follow this increasingly secular society. If Anglicans would rather follow society than follow Christianity, how can they persuade the not religious to follow Christianity instead of following society?

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