Israel Right To Attack Gaza

Israel killed the leader of the military wing of Hamas on Wednesday, but that wasn’t the beginning of the current war between Israel and Gaza. The war began when Gazans increased the amount of rockets fired into Israel. Israel was right to respond, and is showing restraint.

Israel could say that as Gazans fire rockets at Israel indiscriminately, Israel will drop bombs on Gaza indiscriminately. However, Israel hasn’t targeted the civilian population of Gaza; it has limited its targets to rocket-firing terrorists. That is probably why despite hundreds of air strikes and shelling from the sea, few Gazans have been killed so far. The low number of Israeli casualties is a result of the brilliant defence systems Israel has developed in response to rocket attacks.

Gazans kill Israeli children with rockets that are fired near Gazan children, but Israel tries to avoid killing Gazan children. Thousands of Gazans attend funerals of people who have killed Israelis indiscriminately, but few people attend the funerals of Israelis who have killed Gazans indiscriminately. Israelis don’t bring their children up to want to kill Gazans, but as the leader of Gaza acknowledged in his speech earlier today, Gazans are brought up to want to kill Israelis.

Much of the speech made by the leader of Gaza today was disturbing, but there was one positive thing. All Egypt had done at the time of the speech is recalled its ambassador, expressed solidarity with Gazans, and expressed and encouraged others to express opposition to Israel’s actions. However, the leader of Hamas seemed satisfied with that. Hopefully this is a sign that he can be persuaded by the Egyptian government to put an end to rocket attacks against Israel, so Israel can stop attacking Gaza.

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