Doctors Should Have Offered To Abort Savita Halappanava’s Baby

Savita Halappanava has died after being refused an abortion at Galway University Hospital in the Republic of Ireland, where abortion is illegal. She wanted an abortion because of the risk of her dying because of the problems she had in pregnancy. In other words, she wanted to terminate the baby’s life not because she didn’t want the baby to live, but so that she could continue living.

The Republic of Ireland’s government is under pressure to legalise abortions for women whose lives are endangered by their pregnancies. Had Savita Halappanava’s baby been aborted as soon as the risk it posed to her life was identified, one of them may still be alive.

The Republic of Ireland may be a Roman Catholic country, but surely God would rather that doctors did everything they could to save lives. If one life can be saved, that life should be saved, even if saving that life means ending another. A woman in Bolton (England) died after being hit by a recycling truck, but her baby didn’t because she pushed his pram out of the way. Though the mother is dead, the baby is alive. She understood that though no deaths was the desired outcome, one death would be better than two.

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