Why The Republicans Lost

I expected Barack Obama to comfortably win a second term. I didn’t think the election would be as close as the media predicted. Democrats may claim Obama’s victory was a result of their strategy, but I don’t think it was. Barack Obama won a second term because of the direction in which the Republicans have moved since he won his first term.

Moderates have been rejected, and racists, Christian extremists, homophobes, Libertarians and other extremists have been embraced. The Republicans are now dominated by a coalition of extremists. Congressional seats that polls indicated would have been won two years ago had the Republicans been represented by moderates, were lost because the Republicans were represented by extremists. The Republicans didn’t learn from this. Instead, they continued to allow the coalition of extremists to dominate their party, but they should have told the coalition of extremists to form their own party.

Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock made unnecessary and idiotic comments on rapes that culminate in the victim becoming pregnant, while arguing against abortion. They lost their seats, and lost the Republicans votes. Their views were rightly rejected. I was shocked when I discovered that there are politicians in the US who didn’t know that rapists can get women pregnant by raping them. The reason a baby who is created by a rapist doesn’t deserve to be murdered isn’t that the rape is God’s will (I don’t believe it is God’s will); the baby deserves to live because nobody chooses how they’re created, and it is totally innocent. If anybody should be aborted because of a rape, it should be the rapist.

If the Republicans are to have any chance of winning the presidency again, they must ban all extremists from being members of the party. The extremists can form their own party if they want to. If the Republicans won’t do that, the moderates need to end their membership of the party and form their own.

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